Posted by: C J | December 3, 2012

Are you taking care of those things…………

Take care of ….

that take care of you?

Scrape—scrape, squeak—squeak, push and pull nothing helps, this stupid vacuum sweeper; is just not picking up anything. Ugggh– this thing is powerless, it’s not even picking up dust. I tried different angles, I pressed lighter and pressed harder, finally out of total frustration, I took it outside to look inside. I took the filters out and they were already so full of my “stuff” they just could not take in any more. Aha! How could I expect it to pick up more when I had not emptied it or cleaned it for months? This Aha moment sent me on a hunt.  Where else in my home am I ignoring the things that take care of me? I walked from room to room taking inventory of things that take care of me, that I have not been returning the favor.

Oops! How could I expect my water dispenser to give me healthy filtered water if I don’t keep the filter clean and change it as needed? How could I enjoy that great fresh brewed flavor-filled cup of coffee ~ if I don’t clean the coffee maker regularly? How could I expect my computer’s CPU to work and keep me in touch with the outside world via the Internet if I don’t keep it clean and pristine?  You get my drift!

Now after taking inventory of the good things that take care of me and my home, I turned that question internally and asked where else in my life am I not taking care of the people, places, and things that are already taking care of me? HMMM. How often do I show a friend or beloved one just how much I appreciate that they are a part of my life? And the other question became, where am I taking care of people who see my kindness as a weakness and who couldn’t care less about me?  I got the message loud and clear. In all of life choose those people, places, and things that will support you. I’m not advocating that you keep score but I am saying pay attention and spend your time and energy wisely.

Questions just for the heck of it: Post your response below.

  • Who supports you the most?
  • Who do you support the most?
  • Who are you supporting that does not support you?
  • What do you do when you become aware of someone who does not have your best interest at heart?

Come back soon for another cup of comfort!


  1. Very insightful. Got to do better.

    • Suzzie,

      Thank you. I wrote this to remind me to do better. Maya says, if you know better you do better… ;0

  2. Great post. We all need to take care of those that we love. I know I am loved I sure love hard.

    • Rebecca2000,

      Thank you. You’re right and I need to put myself on that list of loved ones. 🙂

      • You do indeed. 🙂

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