Posted by: C J | January 20, 2021

Are you being mindful of…

what’s about to happen…

In a few hours we will bear witness to a historical American monumental wrinkle in time; a woman will become our Vice President. A woman of color married to a man of non-color WOW! I am so excited that not only am I going to witness it, but my vote in GA helped make this happen.

Another event that is exciting to me is that we have the man who chose Senator Kamala Harris to be his vice president was the vice president for eight years for a black man and now four years later he is going to be our President. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being aware that I’m making history and witnessing history.

I remember in 1972 when Shirley Chisholm ran for president, I was 18 years old and the first generation of teenagers that were allowed to vote in elections. Even though I didn’t think Ms. Chisholm had a snowball chance in hell to win it was exciting.

So, in my lifetime I have witnessed and been an active part of events that when I was growing up in rural Oklahoma didn’t think would happen in my lifetime has happened. 1. Teenagers were allowed to vote 2. A president (Kennedy) cared about black people enough to facilitate some change. 3. Shirley Chisholm and Jessie Jackson both ran for president. I remember shaking his hand while he was campaigning in Pueblo, CO. 4. Barack Obama became the first black president and successfully completed two terms. 5. Ex Vice President Biden will be the president. 6. Kamala Harris will be our VP. 7. The first black man Rev. Raphael Warnock and first Jewish man Jon Ossoff, from Georgia have been certified as our new senators!

YES, INDEED I’M CELEBRATING tomorrow. I will have on my Chucks, my pearls, a big smile, and I will be smudging for a brighter future for America. Y’all come join me.

How will you celebrate???

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