Posted by: C J | May 27, 2012

Impact Player’s Hall of Fame

Impact Player takes one for the team

  Every team has an impact player. The  player who guides – supports – leads the team to cohesiveness.

The player who commits  to the game – who lives – eats – breathes the game.

The player who stands out above all the rest without trying – just by being his best!

You know, when that impact player leaves the team for whatever reason the transition isn’t easy because the team changes. When that impact player leaves the game the game is forever changed.

Rod when you left the game 1. 25. 2010, we lost our impact player – our life, our team, our game has forever changed.

God needed you to leave this team here so that we could get it, so that we are touched by an angel, so that we got cracked open enough to receive a new insight, and we have changed.  When you left you took a hit for the team. Thank you for taking one for our team.

You have taken our game to another level and for that I am grateful.  Love & miss you – with all my heart – celebrate your life with all I’ve got.

Even though you are playing hard for the team above you still impact our daily life. You are in our Impact Player’s Hall of Fame!  

Moms 5. 27. 12

On January 25. 2010 my son moved to heaven and on this Memorial Day this is how I choose to celebrate and remember my son who was a great South High School football player #56 (Sr. 1993). I am a NFL football fanatic because of his love for the game.

  • Do you recognize who is your family’s impact player?
  • How will you honor your impact player?
  • Do you believe love is eternal?

                Enjoy your holiday and come back soon for another cup of comfort!


  1. I so agree with you. “One” person can change the way the whole family interacts. Rod always “had my back” He was my “toe up” back up.. lol
    Miss you Rod..

    • He was always ready to make a road trip for his Auntie 🙂

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