Posted by: C J | July 20, 2010

Living life in the sensory lane…

How often do you use all 5 senses to enjoy your favorite food, drink, place, or person??? 

 Once at a workshop in Colorado Springs a presentor showed us (the participants) how to enjoy an orange using all of our senses. One person had the orange and was physically eating it, but all our mouths were watering with desire, taste buds were on edge, eyes were wide open with anticipation, we could smell the orange essence with each spurt of juice, it was quiet enough to hear the skin peel off and her smacking lips, and as she ran her fingers over the bumps and valleys of the orange we could remember the feel of an orange. I immediately wanted to go home and have this intimate experience eating an orange in private using all my senses.

That happened 17 years ago and my senses still awaken with the memory…

How have you enjoyed your favorite ………….  using all your senses??? Tell me your sensory story.


  1. You have my taste buds watering. I’m thinking of a lemon too, and my mouth is just watering. Very descriptive.

  2. Sue: When we appreciate the simple things in life through all of our senses it allows us the power to connect with the extra-sensory world of divine guidance. Share with us your last sensory experience.

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