Posted by: C J | May 31, 2019

Every Mountain has a…

valley and every valley has a mountain.

Mountain top or valley

My mom and have talked every Sunday morning for the past 47 years of me not living in my hometown of Watonga. I have keep notes of some of the tidbits of wisdom Mom drops and this is one I think about often.

“Every mountain has a valley and every valley has a mountain.” To complete that thought Mom also said, there are lessons you can only learn on the mountain top and there are lessons you can only learn in the valley.

So for me, I’ve learned to recognize whether I’m on the mountain top or in the valley. Either place and space has its gift of a lesson within. Let’s not even think about the lesson from the plateau; yet.

So, can you recognize which space you’re in and are you willing to receive the lesson within?

Come back soon for another cup of comfort!


  1. Yes…I realize im in the valley with a mountain to climb..I try to maintain my space make progress with each and every step I take climbing that mountain. Yes.. I acknowledge the slip and falls as a learning lesson. My plan is not to stay in the valley…but if that’s where God keeps me there.. at least I can say I gave it a shot.. thanks for sharing this cup of comfort.. hugs to you

    • Jamala,

      You’re welcome and I feel you. I guess that’s why I had the need to write about it.

      I know you’re giving it your best shot, because doing your best is in your DNA.

      At times it seems like I’ve got one foot in the valley and the other one on the ledge of the mountain too spread out… LOL

      Hugs and positive energy to you

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