Posted by: C J | July 11, 2018

Mindfulness through

making yard art from the heart.


I’m often asked, Dr. CJ, what do you do for therapy, what is your stress relief? Well,  working and playing in my yard is relaxing. It is my therapy, my version of mindfulness, and my stress relief. I love finding new ways to use old things in my own yard.

I must admit I am very right-brained but I really felt like an engineer while putting this project together. You’ll be surprise at how I used found objects just lying around in the yard. The finished project is right off my front porch, so in the mornings when I’m having coffee; I’m also enjoying this 3-tiered planter.

If you want to see the before and after pictures; follow the link below for a detailed ‘how to’. I hope it inspires you to relax, practice mindfulness and have some fun in your own yard.


  1. ..i’m with you on this.. I used to spend hours outside playing in dirt.. had my music going and enjoy what ..I’m doing.. working in the yard is very therapeutic for me, my mind wonders and I actually do alot of thinking. I don’t get out there as much anymore, but every day I come home and see all the perennials I planted during that time, I smile and thank God I spent my time wisely out there. Your tiered planter is very nice! Good job with your creative skills

    • Thank you Jamala we would make great neighbors.
      I’m learning to sit and look at my hard work instead of constantly working.

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