Posted by: C J | May 8, 2018

Even in our brokenness we can…

help others; we don’t have to be perfect.

What the hell, was that? I jumped, shut my eyes, and ducked my head as I heard this loud CRACK.  I’m in my yard, surrounded by woodlands so I’m always hearing strange sounds. When I lifted my head and opened my eyes, I could see it was my rotten insect infested peach tree. The one branch that was still bearing fruit had split and fell to the ground. I looked at it and was just about to finish ripping off the piece of bark that was still barely hanging on to the trunk. But something stopped me and said, “Leave it alone.” I thought to myself, okay I’ll give it time to die by itself. Whelp, it’s been three weeks since that big cracking sound and that peach tree is still green and bearing fruit. (See Photos)

So, my goose bump ‘Aha’ moment was; wow, even in our brokenness God can use us, he can shine through us, and he can still express beauty through our brokenness. Standing there looking at this simple act of Nature brought tears and chills to my spirit. I also realized; just because something appears to be broken doesn’t mean I have to tear it down or finish ripping it apart.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi

I’ve come to understand that at times we have to be broken open, so we can make room for our spiritual growth. In this space of difficulty our soul learns and earns new growth. In this place, of pain something is being trained within us for a later time. If we go through it, we get a chance to let our soul shine.

And sometimes our soul’s mission is to bear witness to someone else’s cracks, darkness, and broken parts. Sometimes we just need to be with them without redirecting them, without protecting them, and without solving their problems, because God is working on them through their brokenness, so that they can grow and become who they are meant to be. Sometimes we rescue people right out of their Divine orders. What if, our biggest mess becomes our biggest message? The message that will help others.

“Embedded in our brokenness is God’s perfect plan for us…” Dr. CJ

Have you ever ventured beyond the noise; the noise of what others want from you, what others expect you to be, and what others want for you? Have you ventured beyond the noise into the stillness of your soul’s voice or the quiet voice of the Divine? Here’s the thing, your amazing light needs darkness to shine its brightness.

“The Light does not try to convince the darkness of its value, Nope- the Light just shows up and OUTSHINES the darkness” Dr. CJ

I cannot explain to you why and how this peach tree with all its brokenness is still producing fruit and still is so alive. But what if, within the unexplainable we find our attainable, brilliant, gorgeous, lovable, self?


Come back soon for another cup of comfort!




















  1. Thank you Doctor CJ, such a beautiful reminder to have love and compassion, not only for ourselves, but also for others.

    • Debra, you’re so welcome. Love and compassion are the keys to living authentically.

  2. Thank you doctor for reminding us of keeping faith even when things look dark and dying. There’s always hope and your story behind this tree is living proof.

    • Jamala, You’re welcome.

      Isn’t it funny when, where, and how Spirit delivers a much needed message? My husband said, “Only you could look at a broken down tree and get a “spiritual message”!”… 😉

  3. Girl, of course, it’s wonderful… I say push publish… and Bless others as well.  If not NOW when……….

    • Thank you Suzzie,, being a blessing is my intent.

      • And that you are!

  4. Yes, indeed; here I am!

  5. Brokeness wow… it does have its value, its nutrition for us…Only God can use it as He sees fit.. to grow what He desires in us… Thank you so much for sharing a new light on brokeness…

    • Suzzie, you’re right. We see it as brokenness and maybe God’s sees it as our openness 😉
      Thanks for stopping by.

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