Posted by: C J | August 7, 2016

If you reap what you sow – what have you …

sown lately?


Plant your seeds of ...

Plant your seeds of …



I try my best to keep commitments, so here’s another post on seeds. There are so many seeds to plant and to choose from, but today let’s play with: seeds of awakening, seeds of kindness, and seeds of joy.

I’ve come to understand that when we practice continued awakening, random acts of kindness, and bringing the joy – we become a magnet for vibrational blessings of abundance because we are actually changing the frequency of our own energy. We just have to be ready, open, and available to receive the blessings and then share them.

I’ve also noticed that when I’m on target and staying in my lane (80/20); I feel a complete fullness in my soul, my heart feels expansive, and my spirit can amplify and shine its light, without blinding anyone.

  1. I choose to plant seeds of awakening by helping others remember we are all here on our soul’s journey; like Dr. Brian Weiss author of ‘Same Soul Many Bodies’ I believe we have one soul and each time we go in or go out – is a chance for us to fulfill our soul’s agenda. Psalms 121: 7-8, “… he shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and they coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.” In my opinion this scripture is discussing our soul’s journey in and out of heaven.

Part of the seed of awakening is being open-minded enough to hear God in all his voices and guises – to experience the many faces of God/Universe through wide-eyes: sunsets – sunshine – moon beams – star light – Nature is one of my favorite ways of experiencing the Universe in its glory.

“Spiritual awakening starts with a seed of thought and grows into a revelation …” Nicky Sutton

  1. I choose to plant seeds of kindness because if I’m going to reap what I sow, I want to reap kindness. I have a friend who says, he sowed too many seeds of badness in his druggie days, so now, he continually has to pray for a crop failure (LOL). Thank goodness for the law of – when you know better you do better!

Since Karma knows my soul’s address, I want to plant random acts of kindness as often as possible. I enjoy the smile on a person’s face or the unsolicited hug, when a person experiences my unexpected act of kindness. Is that selfish to enjoy others’ responses?

“No act of kindness is ever wasted.” Aesop

  1. I choose to plant seeds of joy wherever I go – in the grocery store, at family gatherings, even in my garden. I want to be mindful and leave positively charged energy, so whenever someone sees me coming, they are glad I’m headed in their direction; not ducking from me or wishing they could be beamed up by Scottie instead. And yes, I even like to bring the joy to the butterflies and birds in my yard.

In our society, today’s zeitgeist is filled with negativity, misunderstandings, and fear. It seems so many people – fear what they hate – hate what they fear and feel justified the bullying of those people, places, and things they are being taught to fear. So that’s why, I know that I am in alignment with my soul’s assignment when I can bring in the joy or generate enough joy to share with others.

“You don’t have joy; you choose to intentionally generate it.” Brendon Burchard

What are you planting today? — Remember words are power-filled and can be helpful or hurtful.

Will you plant negative or positive seeds today? — Let’s make a joy-full noise!


Come back soon for another cup of comfort!




  1. I truly believe this. I try to plant happiness. I have a friend that is a widow with grown children. She has few friends. I try to plan things that we can do. That way she gets out of her house. I invite her to visit my grandchildren, because she rarely sees hers. It makes me happy to see her happy, and it gives me something to do, too

    • Paula thank you for planting seeds of happiness and kindness – you’re teaching your grandchildren how to help others and that is special.

  2. This was so worth posting about. With all the negativity and evil going on, we as a people, really need to grow more spiritually. Simple acts of kindness is easy. It doesn’t take much to do, but makes a world of difference. It’s like that movement “pay it forward’ which i really thought was a fantastic idea. I volunteer for my town’s economic board and some folks think i’m crazy for doing so and not getting paid.. I just respond, i get paid, just not financially..because i feel in my heart.. it’s worth it.

    • We just have to follow our heart because it is all about our soul’s assignment. Thank you so much for your response and your volunteering, it tugs at my heart to know others enjoy sharing kindness.

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