Posted by: C J | May 11, 2016

Final Testament

Deep in rural Alabama sits this incredible structure, like a dog-eared page reminding us of a very old book. Built in the decade just before the Civil War, this Presbyterian Church was probably bui…

Source: Final Testament


  1. This was quite an intriguing post. Since living in the south, I see so many shacks like that and often wonder about its history, the people who lived there, and things that happened.. (if walls could talk – the stories they’d tell) What I also find amazing is that even though the structures are often rickety, but they’re still standing..

    • That is the first time I actually used the Press this button. I am such a history junkie. In a way I wish I knew where it was but I know someone else would want to destroy it if they knew where it is… so I didn’t ask its location.

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