Posted by: C J | January 1, 2016

Letting go does not mean…


It’s ready to go…

you’re weak it means you’re strong!

Letting go does not mean you’re giving up – you’re giving in – or that you’re giving out; it just means that you’re throwing out the fantasy of what you wish “it” was/is for a better reality.

On Tuesdays (trash day), I throw out the trash and don’t expect or want the trash man to bring it all back to me the next week, because trash needs to be trashed. I simply accept that the it is gone and let it go.

As we reflect on 2015 and imagine 2016; let’s release the fear inducing “stuff” and be open and available to the joy infusing “stuff”. It’s time for you to let go of what is trying to let go of you! If not now – when?

“Letting go is an act of love!” Guy Finley

Once you let go don’t go back and pick “IT” up, don’t go back and play with it, don’t go back and entertain it again… go ahead breathe out loud (BOL) and let go. If and when “stuff” bubbles up again, and please believe it will pop up again, but don’t resist it, just acknowledge it and give the “stuff” permission to keep moving on.

“People have a hard time letting go of suffering.” Thich Nhat Hanh

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  Instead of making easy-to-break resolutions; I am making commitments. For example, I am committed to spending more time in my yard not just working but enjoying its beauty. I am committed to writing more for the joy of it. And I’m committed to buying and reading Mark Nepo’s latest book. These are just a few – I’m sure I’ll add more as the year progresses.

Let go and grow with the flow!

What are you willing to commit to for your New Year?

Come back soon for another cup of comfort!


  1. Thank you,truly needed. I am committed!

    • Kathy – maybe we could call each other for accountability partners 😉

  2. You always say the right things. Bless you, my BFF.

    • Eva, thank you. I’m learning to be obedient to the Spirit with my writings.

      Bless you and yours all year, my BFF!

  3. Living in “fantasy land” happens more than we realize, or choose to acknowledge… Thanks for another eye opening read. Awesome

    • Thanks Suzzie and you are so right!

  4. Happy new year my friend! I love good advice to start the year off right. I like how you gave us the word commitment, it’s like a promise to ourselves to keep it in perspective. I made no resolutions, but I will make a few commitments. Have a wonderful year

    • Happy New Year to you Vintage4YourHome, commitment is just easier for me and my statement for the year is, “I’m available” last year it was, “I’m open”. Choosing a statement for the year helps me throughout the year.

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