Posted by: C J | October 31, 2015

Ladies why is it that most of us need permission to…

Practice self-care?

Can I please????

Can I please????

How do you give yourSelf permission to practice self-care? Too often we use illness as our permission slip – by becoming ill – because if we’re sick no one is going to call us lazy or selfish for taking care of ourselves. Am I right?

How do you define “taking care of yourSelf”? Is it by cooking your favorite meal, polishing your nails, or watching a marathon of your favorite TV show? For me it is all of the above plus: taking the time to exercise, work in my garden, or taking a long hot bath.

“How you treat yourSelf demonstrates your self-worth.” Dr. CJ 

Finally it’s your turn to create a quick daily ritual that allows you to BE more in tuned with your wants and needs. Self-first is not selfish; I’m not talking about in a narcissistic self-absorbed kinda’ way. I simply mean if you’re hungry eat, if your knees hurt sit down, or if you need to pee go pee. As women we often put off our basic needs until everyone else’s is met. Am I right?

What does it feel like when you take care of your wants and needs? I must confess I still feel guilty at times for taking the time to polish my toenails when the kitchen floor needs to be swept, or I’m wondering who needs my attention instead of my toes??? BUT I’m allowing mySelf to FLY = first love yourSelf. Self-neglect helps no one, because the better I feel and look the better I can help others.

“The things you do the most are the things you will do the best.” Marva Collins

I’ve been reading the book, ‘Writing Down Your Soul’ by Janet Conner.  She has a section that shows us how to give ourselves permission to do – (Whatever) – So I am merely passing it on to you. I give you permission to practice guilt-free self-care. If you visit my, you can get weekly tips on how to do just that.

What if, when you or I practice self-care we are merely telling the world, “I am you-nique, amazing, and important.” And I’m giving mySelf permission to be AMAZING out loud and enjoy life on my terms and no longer feel guilty for taking care of my needs too. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were to join me?

“Self-care is not an option!” Dr. CJ

 How do you give yourSelf permission to accept what the Universe has in store for you each day?

If you have 5 minutes – look out the window and watch Mother Nature

If you have 10 minutes – meditate with music

If you have 30 minutes – take a bath and do your nails

Today is Halloween go ‘head and TREAT YOURSELF!

Come back soon for another cup-of-comfort…


  1. Mmm, I think that you’re right that we often don’t give ourselves permission to practice self-care until we’re ill .. as I recently discovered!

    • Fist bump to you Soothingsense and your post on listening to your body!

      • Thank you. 🙂 It is always great to read reminders on other people’s blogs and after a busy weekend I am going to make sure I have a relaxing, self-care evening tonight.

  2. Thank you! All I need to do is talk to you and I am good!!!

    • Kathy thanks for stopping by. Talking is what we do best 😉

  3. I so agree with you…Is that something programmed into us as a child, it’s better to give than receive.??? Just thinking..putting others first.. So thanks CJ for giving me permission to go when I need to instead of waiting and take care of these pitiful feet…

    • Thanks Suzzie for stopping by and you’re welcome for the permission slip keep it in your purse… LOL

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