Posted by: C J | September 23, 2015

Balance is the key to knowing how to…

Autumn-Equinox-Pixrespect and cherish the light and the dark times of your life!


Happy Day of Balance where The Universe gives day and night equal time to shine their rays and beams and here in the USA today, we get to experience equal amounts of dark and light. This Autumn Equinox is your chance to find more balance in your day and night.

The late Debbie Ford shared in her book, “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers”that balance between the two sides is how we reclaim our power, creativity, brilliance, and dreams. Because we must honor all aspects of ourselves                                                                 yes even the dark as well as the light.

Dr. Carl Jung taught us about our shadow self – that dark part of us we often don’t want to share with others because they might think ill of us or not like all of who we are. In this day of social media bullying, I can understand why people are so choosy as to whom they allow into their private intimate space. And yet we all have dark and light energy within us.

“… Achieving balance is a major key therefore find balance in everything you do.”   Bishop T D Jakes, says of the darkness, “The dark is so rich and fertile, and so often maligned. It is in the depth of our darkness that our light shines most brightly. It is our pain and suffering that increases our power as healers, as leaders in the awakening of compassion and love.” I agree with her, because just like the yin/yang symbol there is light in the darkness and darkness in the light.

“Sometimes we are put in dark places so that we can be the light.” Reverend Geraldine Jenkins

Happy Autumn Equinox everyone let’s take the time to BOL (breathe out loud) and enjoy the changing of the season as the reason to take the time, energy, and space to review, renew, and reboot as we honor and treasure both the light and dark sides of life.

Let your light shine not blind!

Come back soon for another cup of comfort!

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