Posted by: C J | May 29, 2015

The unsinkable became the unthinkable and …

that’s just the tip of the iceberg...


The Experts were wrong...

The Experts were wrong…

I am not sure why, but for whatever reason, The TITANIC has taken up space in my realm of awareness; I keep seeing pictures of it, hearing references to it, and its storyline came up in a Facebook game I play. So when it showed up in the game” Criminal Case”,  I decided it’s time for me to take a closer look at the messages, lessons, or nudges that I’ve ignored .

I have been drawn to and watched several documentaries on its maiden and only voyage, the finding of what still exist of the wreckage still on the ocean floor. I’ve watched with my eyes wide open, ears perked, and gel pens in my hands taking notes.

 If you only knew how much I hate and fear large bodies of water you would understand why I’m surprised and confused about why all of this has been in my energy field for a while now. OMG, is that why I hate large bodies of water and the thought of going on a cruise ship makes me cringe and want to upchuck – was I a victim on the Titanic in another lifetime??? LOL – Anyway….

I want to share with you a few things that make me go MMMM:

  • Warnings were ignored – Jack Phillips, the wireless telegraph operator didn’t pass on the messages he received from other ships about The Titanic being in the path of an iceberg and entering an ice field – he decided he would take those messages to the bridge at a later time. Nudge – sometimes later is too late…
  • It was called the Ship of Dreams BUT became the ship of Nightmares even for those who survived. I’m sure they had lots of nightmares after being safely in their homes because near death experiences aren’t something you just get over quickly. Nudge – someone else’s dream can become your nightmare and some things are too good to be true…
  • For many immigrants who were leaving the poorest of conditions in their home country for the promise of AMERICA; that voyage was the best time of their life. Nudge – sometimes living for the moment as if there will be no tomorrow is not by choice…

5 lessons I learned from the Titanic:

  1. Non-negotiable – the ice field and iceberg were non-negotiable and 37 seconds warning was not enough time to change course for the Titanic. We all have -ice-fields and icebergs ahead because there just are things in our life that are beyond our control and the sooner we recognize that truth “we” can decide what is negotiable.
  2. Experts can be wrong – The best ship experts of the day believed and stated often – it is the biggest, the best, and safest ever – it is unsinkable. Whelp, they were wrong – it took only 2 hrs and 40 min for it to sink.
  3. Be prepared – the ship’s captain, crew, and passengers believed the experts’ opinion that their ship was unsinkable – so The Titanic was not ready with enough life jackets or lifeboats to save its passengers. The passengers trusted that they were on the best possible ship and in the best possible care. Trust but verify…
  4. Take nothing for granted – Enjoy the moment – because the moments become hours and hours may be all we have – who knows… There are no guarantees for tomorrow.
  5. Trust your instincts – I wonder how many people ignored their gut when it said, “Don’t go on that voyage”? Intuition trumps logic every time.

It is Your turn: Please leave your answers below.

A.  Where in your life is something non-negotiable?

B.  Where in your life are/were the experts wrong?

C.  When did you trust or mistrust your instincts and lived to celebrate or regret it?

 I’ll start us off.

Mistrust: In July of 2006 my gut/instincts kept telling me to NOT go on a road trip to Oklahoma from Georgia – I ignored my gut and went anyway. Whelp, we were in a terrible car wreck flipped in the air 4 times landing 600 feet from highway – it could have been life ending but God showed us favor.

 I even had a dream about being in a car wreck a couple of weeks before we left and went anyway. In my dream I died and in real-life in my suitcase, I had the outfit that I died I in my dream, but chose not to wear that day.  Trust me when I say trust your gut instincts!

 Come back soon for another cup of comfort!


  1. Girlfriend you dont have to tell me about gut feelings, you got a month? I could tell you a few things.. lol.. I try to tell my husband and sons about this but they don’t get it.. So it’s called woman’s intuition for me.. I had a gut feeling about my husband traveling one time up north.. I didn’t want him to go but needless to say he went.. And yes. Was involved in an accident – car was totaled .. Thank God he was ok with no life threatening injuries.. My son, same thing.. He came home for a visit from college.. He was suppose to stay overnight but decided to leave late .i begged him to stay because it was late.. But he insisted .. 2 hrs later I get a phone call every mother was him, saying he was in an accident and he couldn’t feel his legs .. Click.. Tears, panic, every emotion flowing.. Fast driving to where he was.. Thank god he survived, and could walk.. But had you seen the car, you’d say one thing.. It was the Angels above that saved him.. He was hit by a drunk driver being chased by the police. So yes,, I know all about gut feelings.

    • Exactly… I do think society as a whole is starting to entertain the thought that everything in life cannot be explained in scientific terms. And unexplainable things happen like intuition.

      Thanks for sharing your stories.

  2. Very good sis, felt goose bumps and all… Very well written.. Thanks for sharing NOW IS…

    • Thank you Suzzie maybe your goose bumps are confirmation for what I was experiencing as I was writing.

  3. Sometimes I forget that Titanic was real, I wish it was just a movie… I feel so sad right now 😦

    • Lily,
      It is sad that it is not just a movie but real life. But I did learn a lot by revisiting the whole story from many angles.

      Thanks for replying to my post.

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