Posted by: C J | August 22, 2014

Soul-lutions™ The Key to Handling…

Life’s pop-ups or challenges!


Soul-lutions™ the key…


In a previous post we explored the 5-C’s and my intent was to bring your awareness to the difference between challenges and suffering. Judging from the responses I received that difference resonated with many of you. Thanks for letting me know your story and your challenges.

Today let’s explore a process that can help you handle many of your anxiety ridden pop-ups or challenges. When a new unexpected challenge pops-up just like those annoying pop-ups on your computer screen – I don’t know about you  but I try to find the quickest way to get rid of them and once that is done I forget about the pop-up—until it pops-up again.

In September of 2013 during a spiritual staff meeting (SSM) Spirit gave me this word soul-lutions along with the 5-step process to use the word as solutions to situations. For those of you who are unaware or you haven’t heard me mention my spiritual staff meeting that’s what I call many of my meditation sessions. I have a spiritual dream team who come into my awareness as I meditate or go into that zone when I’m creating.  Anywaaay- let’s get to the reason for soul-lutions.

Soul-lutions™ are about emotions, trust, blessings, and gratitude.

Emotions rock and rule our world. This 5-step process helps you engage, expose, and explore your emotions around a certain situation or moment you are experiencing.  Please believe, you will ride the emotional roller coaster and when the ride is over you will have more clarity and courage as well as feel a sense of cleansing of the M-B-S (mind-body-spirit).

This concept is for those times when you feel broken open, exposed when you wished you weren’t, and afraid of what’s to come. I believe when you are the most afraid is when you need to trust the most. I’ve learned that it does not matter what breaks you open it will give you a gift of being opened to more self-awareness and the ability to listen more with your heart and just knowing there is an unwrapped gift within each challenge is most profound and everlasting.

“To be broken is no reason to see all things as broken.” Mark Nepo

In The Bible (1 Thessalonians 5:18) it says, “In everything give thanks…” BUT- that doesn’t mean you have to be happy about everything it means just be grateful for the thing/ moment. And I’ve learned to surrender to the moment by giving the moment or situation a blessing too.

My intent is to give you a blueprint so you can shift the emotional attitude, vibration, and energy around usually a negative situation. This a blueprint that offers you a higher understanding and a deeper soulful meaning of what is going on within you right NOW- not just what is happening to you. We are here on Earth to experience a stretching of our concept of who we are now and who we are meant to be. This is a chance for you to trust in Spirit– God–All that is.

“Beyond all our good intentions and hard work, not getting what we want and working with what we’re given can lead us to realize and inhabit a larger geography of being.” Mark Nepo

Here we go: find a nice quiet space where you can get grounded, centered, and focused – Allow a deep cleansing breath and dive in…



  1. Be grateful for the situation –
  2. Bless the situation and everyone involved –
  3. Redirect the negative energy into positive energy around the whole situation –
  4. Release the reason for the situation –
  5. Be grateful for gifts, lessons, and opportunities earned and learned from the situation –

Here is an example of Soul-lutions™ in action – my situation involves 2 other people besides me and it is about someone I care for deeply who  betrayed me and it feels like abandonment and rejection. And now my ancient fears, tears, and deep-rooted anxieties around rejection are bubbling up-AGAIN!

  1. Be grateful and thank God for the situation – I am grateful that this situation allows both people to show me who they really are – because when people show me who they are – I need to believe them.
  2. Bless the situation and everyone involved – by blessing the situation I am releasing my need to control the situation and invoking the serenity prayer – by blessing myself and the other 2 people involved I’m releasing all of us from our previous perceptions of “us”
  3. Redirect the negative energy into positive energy – please believe I had to work through my emotions on this one – I was in denial and disbelief – I was crushed with pain – I was filled with righteous anger – I was saddened by the loss – I found acceptance of the situation – after finding acceptance I could empty myself of the negative images and perceptions that I had created to make room for positive energy to enter my field of perception. And I could BOL (breathe out loud) when I realized I don’t have to carry their heavy negative perceptions.
  4. Release the reason for the situation and the situation will be released – the reason boils down to perceptions – I wasn’t rejected or abandoned I was given freedom and lifted higher and I know that freedom often comes gift wrapped in pain – their perception of who I am at my core is their issue and no longer a concern of mine.
  5. Be grateful for the gifts, lessons, and opportunities learned and earned – so as I see it my gifts are more self-awareness and of emotional freedom from a one-sided relationship – my lesson pay better attention to the signs that people give you during a relationship about who they are – opportunity for me to share my story and help you through a similar situation. Namaste’

Two things I know for “sure” –

1. Once you’ve been awakened you cannot go back to sleep or play dumb because your soul will whisper reminders when you try to be what you are not –

2. This situation is part of your soul’s agenda and assignment in your soul’s evolution!


I hope this resonates with you enough for you to share your story or what bubbles up in the reply section below… 


Come back soon for another cup of comfort!


  1. Thanks for sharing such a great tried and applied concept.!!!

    • Suzzie,

      You’re welcome. And it is a tried and applied concept. I like those words tried and applied I might have to steal those for marketing. LOL

  2. I always look forward to the next cup of comfort and wisdom… grow on…

    • Suzzie,

      Your kind words inspire me. Thanks.

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