Posted by: C J | January 21, 2014

I Am me because….

Who am I?

Who am I?

  of my 7 generations of vibrant women!

            This post will be different from any others I’ve posted but it just feels right for me today.  

   A few weeks ago I celebrated Loudly and Proudly being on this Earth for 60 years and as I reflect back and ask mySelf ‘who am I’ —      what you  read below was my answer from Spirit.  We get such wonderful gifts from Spirit when we are awake and listening. And for that  I am truly   grateful!

  I hope my celebration of my 7- generations will inspire you to explore and celebrate your 7…

These are my    maternal roots. From top left to bottom Charity Noble is my Great-great grandmother’s name and this is not a real picture of her but a  picture of a woman in Africa that I met through a photographer. You can read the rest of her story in my book Wombology page 51.  Charity – Anna – Nellie – Geraldine – myself – my daughter Chakira – and a baby picture of my daughter representing the 7th generation.

How do I remember who I am 

  I am Charity Noble’s great-great granddaughter ~ She gave me the gift of Being free no matter who thinks they own me ~ She was a slave in the USA!

 I am Quincy Annie Noble Peppars’ great granddaughter ~ She gave me the gift of gratitude no matter what I’m going through ~ She was in the Oklahoma Land Rush!

I am Nellie Iona Peppars Burton’s granddaughter ~ She gave me the gift of resilience no matter what life hands me ~ She survived the death of 3 sons and one taken away from her when he was an infant.

I am Geraldine Bernice Burton Jenkins’ daughter ~ She gave me the gift of forgiveness not matter who rejects me ~ She was rejected because she was Nellie’s daughter, because she lived in the sticks, and because she was not who others wanted her to be!

I am Chakira Jonae Johnson’s mother ~ she gave me the gift of balance no matter what or who I am ~ She was born left-brained to a right-brained mother!

I will be Big Mama CeeJai grandmother to a soul not yet arrived on this plane and relationship not yet established!

I am CeeJai (CJ) Johnson and who am I ~ to not let their God-light shine from within me? I am honored and blessed to be all that I am and will BE – just me!

When I look in the mirror and see all of me, these ladies are part of who I see. 

When I am challenged to let my light shine, I drink from their cups and re-member my sacred self.

When I struggle with life,  their energy supports me.

When I think about my future, I lean on and I am proud of my her-story! 

Your turn to share: I would love for you to post some pictures or give me a link to your blog so I can see your 7-generations            

Prompts to get you started…

  • Who are you?
  • Where are your roots?
  • Who has influenced the feminine side of you?
  • I don’t know who I am but I do know who I am NOT…

                                      Come back soon for another cup of comfort!

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