Posted by: C J | December 2, 2013

What If Being Broken Open is Where You …

              Get to defy the lie that says, once broken you become a token of who you were????



 On my last blog entry I shared with you what it means to me, to be in my before story and so many of you  understood and shared what my heartfelt words meant to you. Thank you for that I appreciate you; because it is    in the sharing of our stories that we help each other break through the challenges of life. It feels good to not be  alone.

 Since that entry the Universe keeps putting the word BROKEN in my eyes’ view. Since I am a field hand for the  Universe ~ of course I know and love its language of synchronicity, symbolism, and metaphors; I will heed the  call and share with you what has bubbled up, grabbed my attention, and what it means to me today.

“To be broken is no reason to see all things as broken.” Mark Nepo

That quote grabbed my attention as I was watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and witnessed her reaction to those words, I said, “I surrender and I am listening. If those 12 words could bring Oprah to tears without hesitation… they must be the 12 disciples (words) trying to tell me something too.”  I know it sounds crazy but I promised to share what bubbled up.     

Sooo, just because some part of me has been broken ~~ don’t assume all of me is broken or that the whole world has become broken as well. I gotcha’!

“God does not relate to us like a paramedic who responds only to our conditions. God wants a relationship with us despite our brokenness.” T D Jakes

Sooo, just because I have a condition or in a situation ~~ don’t assume God wants me perfect before we can have an intimate relationship. HMMM – I am so much more than a condition or a situation. I gotcha’!

And then the book Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow’, by Elizabeth Lesser falls into my line of awareness. And Ms. Lesser’s words and stories are soul food for me that I have to consume slowly because if I read too much in one day I get dizzy with the OMG that’s me.

“Throughout this book I have described the process of transformation as a journey of brokenness leading to openness, descent to rebirth, fire to Phoenix.” Elizabeth Lesser

Sooo, just because I’m in the middle of a process of rebirth ~~ don’t assume my brokenness is not leading me to a higher ground or into a better expression of me. I gotcha’!

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” Joseph Campbell

Sooo, just because life has gotten in the way of my living ~~ and I’m not where I want to be or expected to be ~~ don’t assume delayed means I’ve been denied. Sometimes we don’t recognize Opportunity because it is gift wrapped in pain. I gotcha’!

“Sometimes I’m broken into so many pieces  Humpty Dumpty laughs at me.”  Linda S. Colbert

Sooo, here’s what else I got; I am not Humpty Dumpty, which means when I’m broken open I can restore to wholeness – I can renew like the phoenix, and even in the midst of transformation I can use my brokenness alchemy tools to allow the shadow-self to experience the light of many colors.

Being broken open is not something anyone chooses at least that has been my experience in my 19 years of being a psychotherapist. And yet I have witnessed those who chose to stay broken and not transform for the better. I do know that pain, brokenness, and challenges are unavoidable BUT suffering is a choice ~~ to remain in the pain is a choice.

Even though life is terminal and no one escapes the death of our body, this journey through our brokenness is our fantastic voyage of alchemy our way of transforming ~ the invisible into the visible ~ to shine the light on the darken-ness ~ to change the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This is not just a call to alter our perceptions of life, to alter our dance to the rhythm of life, to alter our resistance to the ebb and flow of life; it is an altar call to answer our soul’s agenda with urgency because we signed that sacred contract saying we would.

This is what I know for sure; I am my soul’s expression of God!

Lord, play my soul’s harp – let it be music that soothes the soul’s of others – let it be a song of your love for us all… ~~~  Harping = soothing the soul ~ I hope I am harping for you and me today!


                   Come back soon for another cup of comfort!



  1. Once again you have said out loud what so many of us privately think. I applaud your courage and commitment to continue to be a soul soother. It is a refreshing cup to drink from. Grow on !!!

    • Thank you Suzzie,

      I’m simply doing my best with my soul’s agenda. And so glad I can help others in the process.

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