Posted by: C J | October 10, 2013

When life isn’t easy or fun most people want to run – but


What’s your rose story?  

the best thing to do is allow the situation to help us grow!  

I am so sorry I haven’t been connecting with my Blog – been off the grid connecting more with the ebb and flow of life  has it cracks me open wider and reminds me I have more than one soul’s assignment.

I’ve decided the challenging  time I’m going through right now is my before story. You know like so many people who make it BIG — they always have a before story. Not to say that I’m striving to make it BIG – but I recognize that sometimes life gets in the way of living and we just have to bob and weave as best we know how – at least for now.

Carol Burnett the comedienne: her alcoholic parents gave her to her grandmother and she and her grandmother had to live in a boarding house (her before story) –  Tony Robbins the self-help guru: was a janitor for years (his before story) – Tyler Perry the entertainer …. was homeless and lived  in a car for two years (his before story) — you get my drift.

I am an avid gardener and the other day as I was pruning my roses Spirit showed me how roses have to put up with a lot of shiiiiit  in order to bud, blossom, and become fragrant. The thorns are their protection, they actually need both rain and sunshine and yes fertilizer (shiiiit) — before they become our gift  that we give as a beautiful expression of love . MMM-uh; even a beautiful rose has her before story.

“Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.” Alphonse Karr

So I started looking at my challenges and situations as fertilizer, rain, & sunshine, helping me to grow into my beauty which will allow me to be a gift to others. And I’ll admit my thorns of protection can be bitchy!  Oh yeah, I don’t always enjoy being drenched with rain or burned by too much sunshine!

BUT — I now know that: situations, challenges, & celebrations; groom us – for the bloom in us!


Please reply below to the questions of the day:

How many of us are living our before story?

                                                                               How many of you want to share your before story to inspire us who are still living it?

Here’s a cyber hug {{♥}} touching you with love and light,  



                                                Come back soon for another cup of comfort!


  1. Using this analogy then I have been well fertilized for the past few years and the blooms should be spectacular!!! I am ready and open for the rest of the story to develop!

    • I love your reply… I chuckled out loud in agreement.

      The great part is you get to write the rest of the story… how cool is that 😉

    • I’m already enjoying the view of the blooms opening and coming into their full beauty. You’re awesome!

      • Thank you for your kind words.

        Yep sometimes it takes a lot for us to come into our full beauty.

  2. At this point I consider myself a climbing rose, is there such a rose?? lol

    • Yes, there are climbing roses and they come in all colors and species… just like humans… 😉

  3. I love how you phrased it… and as a avid gardener I’m always in dirt (metaphorically speaking).. I’m finding it hard to not be bitten by bees or scared by bugs.. and as this crazy world turns, the rain continues to wash away the pain and the sun continues to shine making every new day an experience yet a blessing. Welcome back.. and keep blossoming..

    • Vintage,

      I’m glad to be back. Thank you.

      You are so right about being at the intersection of experience and blessing.

      And I love connecting with another gardener… we know all the dirt… LOL

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