Posted by: C J | July 11, 2013

The Feminine Evolution is not…

the same as the feminine revolution. We want to be “the change” from the inside out.

every woman is a Super s-hero


“If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again…” Sojourner Truth

Did you notice the Shift that happened most of 2012? Part of that Shift was women recognizing our power and our responsibility to do our best to make this Planet a space and place of joy, health, and happiness for those under-represented, dishonored, and invisible. Many call it a Feminine Revolution. There has to be a soulful feminine evolution too. The feminine energy must expand our oneness so we can voice our choice.

I believe the shift to the Feminine Evolution of the soul includes the collective heart-beat and the collective energy that happens when oxytocin and oxygen are combined energetically, to create what I call oxy-power. This oxy-power locates and releases the fear of being too radiant, too magical, and too power-filled. This energy allows a woman to come home to self and birth Oxy-woman. This energy allows us to support – gather – touch – and dream as a team.

Oxytocin used to be called the ‘female hormone’ but recent research shows it does secrete in men as well as women. Of course, our body secretes more than men. Now it is considered the social-bonding, trust developing, and stress release hormone.

Guess what?  You know when we gather, share a hug, a handshake, a LOL moment, a pat on the back or eye contact we are sharing oxytocin and we continue to bond and nurture; it’s our nature.

Oxygen is simple: inhale and exhale for best results if you don’t you die. When you learn to BOL and allow deep cleansing breaths throughout your day life is lighter and brighter.

As women when we embrace the wisdom of combining oxytocin and oxygen energetically, honor our oneness, and celebrate our essence, we as a collective whole become unstoppable.

In general as women we have a tendency to use our body to ‘feel’ out a situation – our body speaks our mind, we use intuition to know what we know without knowing how we know.  So if you soften your body to receive this new energy shift of oxy-power you will also began to know the quantum ‘feel’ of oxy-wisdom, oxy-energy, and oxy-intuition.

“Oxytocin allows your body to feel nurtured and loved.” Ellie Drake (Brave Heart Women)

When you embrace your oxy-ness you will find your soul and body infused with enough energy to do your inner-work so that you will vibrate at a higher frequency and you can in-joy the unexplainable, the invisible, and the pure love of your inner-genius. You will develop this radical reverence for life and want to share your oxy-ness with others in need of support and nurturing.

My mission during this continued shift and while the evolution water is stirring is to invite you to step in the pool with me and the other women who want to share their Oxy-Power. My intent is to inspire, ignite, and awaken the energy of our feminine evolution. It is our time.

“We MUST support other women.  It’s not a should but a must.” Lanie Beth (Blogger)

Let me introduce you to my cartoon character (Oxy-woman); I designed her and  Thuyta a great artist on Fiverr completed her. What is an Oxy-Woman? She is balanced, centered, connected, focused, grounded, and dwells in a place of serenity. She is courageous enough to BE herself – 97% of the time she is all that – BUT – don’t get it twisted – please believe she has issues in her tissues too – and yet she is resilient! 

Each time you see Oxy-woman let her ignite a fire in you that no one can put out – a fire for you to BE your best, to share your best, and to have the best of life.

I really want to be the match that strikes the box and starts your fire and fan the flames. For those who don’t want to be a part of our fire – we will just smoke ‘em out! LOL

Lean on me, stand by me, or call on me… which ever ‘me’ you need – which ever ‘me’ I need –  we have to be there for each other borrow my energy – my faith – my purpose – my dream until yours comes into sight… It’s all about the oneness of us!

In the words of singer Alicia Keys, “This girl is on fi-yaaah!”

How about you…

  • What ignites your fire?
  • What makes you want to gather and support the feminine evolution?
  • How have you joined the shift?

Touching you

Come back soon for another cup of comfort…


  1. I’m littt…..I love it!!! I’ve been speaking up for myself rather than dimming down so someone else can shine…

    • Thanks Suzzie,

      We have to show the world that we are worth speaking up for and to let our light shine – not blind.

    • We all need to let our light shine not blind.

  2. Love it!!!!

    Simply BE    …. 


    • Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you for sharing and igniting my Oxy-Women! She was ready to burst out and Just needed that extra sister boost from Dr. C. J. 🙂

    • Ladina,
      You are so welcome.
      Thank you for letting me know the fire is started… 😉 together we can make a permanent difference in this world. Oxy-power now!

  4. Excellent! I think I’m finally coming into my real self – as a mature woman and am stronger as a counselor when I let the “female me” shine. I’m touching more, showing more of my own emotions, and am more “blunt” sharing my thoughts than when I was younger. The majority of my clients are older people in long-term care settings and so many are sort of touch starved. I notice the MDs and most of the nursing staff people, seldom provide more than the absolute minimum contact, When I hold someone’s hand, pat a shoulder, or give a little hug, most just glow. (It’s not remotely sexual – don’t worry, my boundaries are fine, It is sharing my humanity and yes, my femininity in a very strong way I could not share in the past.) …and anyone who thinks it’s wrong to hug an old guy on his 103’d birthday is just heartless!

    • debmohn,

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful growth. When I first started as a therapist I was told I was too much into the clients and that I need to hold back. But now the word transparency describes how I was and still am.

      You grow girl. Love your energy.

      Instead of a fist bump let’s share a soul-bump LOL

    • debmohn2013,
      Remember when you were in college and they taught us about touch and the babies who didn’t receive it had failure to thrive syndrome?
      Sorry for the delayed response – I have been off the grid for too long – as you know sometimes life gets in the way of living…

      It is true for most healthy humans, we want to be touched and to be seen for who we are not what we are.

      I am launching a Caregivers Self-care movement maybe you and I can collaborate on some ideas that will help all involved.

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