Posted by: C J | September 3, 2012

This Labor Day Stop Laboring Over OPP and…

Today – stop going & going…

  Instead of fixing or fixating on OPP other people’s problems) DO YOU       

 In the midst of taking care of everyone else’s needs we often forget about ‘ME’. The best gift you can give your family is the best you. The only way to give that best- you-gift is to put yourself on your To-do-List and DO YOU!

 Just for today — for a change allow someone to take care of you or better yet take care of yourself if you can. My Aunt Betty says, “Do for yourself as long as you can, because there may come a time when you cannot.”

 Listen, when I was a little girl I spent a lot of time on my Great Aunt Vea’s farm and she did not let you sit still unless you were eating or getting ready for bed. She always had you up and moving or she would say, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop and we ain’t working for the devil in this house.”  I always wanted to say, can my butt be still while my hands are busy – BUT – I knew better than to sass my elders. So I have this tendency to always be busy, one of my many nicknames is The Energizer Bunny.

Well for this Labor Day I am not going to keep going and going. I am not going to labor over anything I choose not to – so there.  I’m going to DO ME!  Hey why don’t you join me and Do You…

There will be times when we will not do exactly what ‘they’ want us to do and when ‘they’ want us to do it and that makes them uncomfortable.  Is it time for us to learn to be comfortable with other people’s discomfort in us?  

 DO YOU!   Oh yeah, I’m giving you written and legal permission to do NOTHING – at least for this day.

Nine ways to DO YOU:

  1. Relax – it is your day – let someone else – do it
  2. Breathe – inhale – exhale stop holding your breath it is okay if you breathe deeply
  3. Sleep – there are days when your body screams for extra ZZZzzz
  4. Soothe – the soles of your feet or your soul which ever needs it the most
  5. Nature – take time to enjoy something in nature with all 5 senses like a tomato – apple –  peach etc. just sit on the front porch or a park bench and experience nature really with all of you
  6. Nurture – – grab that soul nourishing book you’ve been meaning to read and get lost in its pages
  7. Be  – brew a pot of relaxation call a friend and have a good heart to heart while sipping on your favorite calmness brew
  8. Giggle – I have a giggle box which includes all the things I need to color in my favorite coloring books – of course I have lots of bubble gum to chew as I scribble
  9. Wiggle – dance as if no one is watching or as if you don’t care if anyone is watching

Please reply below and share with me ideas you have when you – DO YOU – who knows you just might help someone else!           

                                       Come back soon for another cup of comfort!

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