Posted by: C J | March 18, 2012

Many people believe “struggling” is non-productive – but the real truth is…

just before you soar

    it prepares us for our future, it is part of our transformation-ware!

It’s been a week since daylight savings time  forced many of us to spring-forward.  My body is still adjusting and making that hour transition. I thought what a great time to assess our personal forward movement. This is the season to come out of hibernation. Are you ready for it?

Springtime is the transition period between the coldness of winter and the upcoming heat of the summer. Springtime is our perfect opportunity to enjoy the in-between-time and to sojourn through the RE’s spring brings. For example: rebirths, renewal, remember, release, you get it now right…

I am an avid gardener so I LOVE the springtime and all the new-chances it offers. When I think of gardening in the soil I start to think about gardening in the soul. Plant  seeds of consciousness, nurture them, watch them, learn from them. Nature has so many miracles for us to watch, learn from, and take part in. Each one of us is a miracle.

When I think of personal forward movement I think of the butterfly’s journey of transformation and how it has to crawl as a caterpillar, spend time wrapped tightly in a pupa, struggle to squeeze out of the pupa, wait for its wings to stiffen and dry from being in the wet womb of the chrysalis before it can soar and explore a whole new world.

Sometimes we forget that each one of us must make a journey of transformation, we have to crawl before we can soar. Everyone who is in flight today ( Oprah, Tony Robbins, Tyler Perry, Iyanla Vanzant) had the struggle/transformation journey along their way to soaring. They chose to turn their struggles and challenges into flights of opportunity. Like the butterfly, once we emerge from the transformative pupa we have a waiting period before we receive our strong wings and flight plans, this waiting I call going through the process of change. As I sit at the “Aha Café” table, I remember it is the struggle that makes me strong enough to thrive if that is what I choose.

Nature shows us that flight plans (purpose) are simple, such as – once a caterpillar has emerged as a butterfly it is no longer concerned with crawling nor can it re-enter the chrysalis, now it goes about doing butterfly business. Think about it, dogs bark – cats meow – the sun shines, and the moon beams. You get my point nature does what it is designed to do or be; nothing more nothing less.  On February 5, 1998 at 5 pm; my flight plan was revealed to me;  help heal those in emotional pain – those who are weary, confused, and wounded.

When I am following my flight plan I have this radical reverence for life that allows joy to flow through me to others. When I feel grounded, centered, balanced, alive, and aligned I know I am on course. We all get off course from time to time but as long as we get back as quickly as possible we arrive at our destination intact and on time.

Are you struggling with staying on course or have not been open enough to receive your flight plans? Springtime is the perfect season to open your heart and receive your flight plan as well as the joy that is waiting for you to experience and share with others.

Are you tired of struggling with what is preventing your radical reverence for life? Commit to and get in the RE– MODE.

  • Review – what you can do differently
  • Reframe – what happened that blocks your growth
  • Renew – love for you and for life
  • Reconnect – with those who show they care about you
  • Respect – life’s process of transformation

You are here for such a time as this, a time to allow your mind and heart to expand with the shift that our planet is experiencing. You agreed to be on earth to be of service, to witness, to lead, to care, to soar.

What “RE” is waiting on you? What is blocking you from being springtime’s assistant in rebirth? What will you re-do today or this up coming week?

Bottom-line if you are a butterfly stop acting like a caterpillar!

                         Come back next week for another cup of comfort!

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