Posted by: C J | February 20, 2012

What you can learn from Whitney Houston’s life and death about…

Lessons from Whitney

How to live your eulogy daily! 

Along with millions of others, I have watched the vibe and air surrounding Whitney Houston’s untimely death and its impact on my emotional state.  And like so many others I have discussed her life and death with my friends and loved ones. My mother and I were talking about the way we live our everyday life, will impact how we are remembered during our home-going. I wonder how many people are aware that we live our eulogy daily. 

The definition of eulogy popped into my mind and I looked the word up to make sure I understood what I was experiencing around the word. Eulogy is a speech or writing in praise of how a person (who has recently died) lived his/her life. It speaks to how others experienced or witnessed the actions while the person was alive.

What I know for sure is that a person writing or speaking your eulogy uses as the source, your past actions, your past interactions, what you did do, and your impact on others.

The eulogy does not discuss who you will become, or  your missed opportunities, or your potential. It can only use your spiritual, emotional, mental, physical (SEMP) legacy good, bad, or indifferent.  Although on their death-bed most people regret what they didn’t do, more than what they did do. But what you did do – is the foundation of your eulogy and how you will be remembered.

Death is usually a difficult topic to discuss and made even harder when there is an untimely or unexpected death of a loved one.  As I trace the tracks of my tears from the move of my beloved 34-year-old son to heaven in 2010 because of inappropriate blood pressure medication; I know of a mother’s resistance to grief’s long journey.  I know the ordeal of trying to lay your head on the pillow and find sleep for a tomorrow.  I know about life not making sense.

At my father’s funeral (2004) my Uncle  Oliver said, “Nobody gets out of this alive.” We all know this but do we live as if we “know” this? Is that reason enough for us to look at our life and be aware that we are living our eulogy daily?

As we remember Whitney’s beautiful energy and spirit – as well as her voice let’s also remember why Whitney Houston’s life and death has immediate lessons for us to learn.

How can the extinguishing of her light – shine light on your daily life? What do you need to know today? 

Seven Lessons from Whitney’s life and death:

  1. Live as if life is too short – no matter how long you live
  2. Live as if your life depends on your Self-love
  3. Live as if love is eternal
  4. Live in honor of both your shadow-self and your light-self
  5. Live fully in between the two essential  life breaths (inhale at birth and exhale at death)
  6. Live as if you have a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical legacy to leave
  7. Live as if you are writing your own eulogy

What lessons did you learn from Ms. Houston? What will you do differently everyday?

                                                     Come back soon for another cup of comfort…


  1. Beautiful. I love the seven lessons to live by and I thank you for the reminder.
    Blessings, Michael Cory

  2. Good article Dr. CJ

    l really liked the guide questions at the end.

  3. We all preach our own funerals on a daily. I so agree with you.

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    Michael – we all need reminders that is what friends and family are for.

    HKJ – hope the guide questions help you make a difference.

    Suzzie – I like they way you say we preach our own funerals… that is a good image to hold on to.

  5. As usual, You’ve made my day. Live your eulogy. Love yourself. I teach my grand kids that every day.

  6. Glad I could make your day. Your grandkids are blessed.

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