Posted by: C J | February 7, 2012

Feeling like a doormat? Three beliefs that keep you under foot…

Tired of being a doormat...

Faulty beliefs or family of origin untruths can keep you believing the following lies and keep you stuck in emotional pain.

1. You’re not good enough.

2. You aren’t enough.

3. You don’t do enough.

If you were taught to always value someone else’s opinion more than your own you probably need external validation and will always be in search of someone’s approval. If your feelings were discounted or ignored you were taught how to crave external validation and how to be a doormat.

If you were taught to value your opinion as well as others and if you were taught to trust your instincts you most likely use internal validation. And it is does not disturb or disrupt your spirit when someone does not agree with you, does not like you, or does not approve of you.  

Happiness works from the inside to the outside… no one can force you to be happy. When you have inner peace the outer piece falls into alignment. You are no longer a doormat nor do you use others as a doormat.

Blaming others is the quickest way to lose self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence. In other words you lose your power.

When we blame others for every-Thing that has gone wrong in our life ~ every-Thing we are not ~ every-Thing we do not have ~ We gift them with our personal power – we become powerless, hopeless, and helpless. BUT when we choose to be victor not victim we become powerful, hopeful, and helpful. It is a choice. What is your choice?

You are good enough! – You are enough! – You have enough! – You do enough!

Let me know: How many times have you been the doormat?  How did you regain your power?

Come back soon for another cup of comfort!



  1. So very true. Happiness is an inside job. You are the only one who can make the choice to be happy. It requires digging to know what happiness means for you.

  2. Suzzie,

    I like that you said it requires digging. I agree we have to become our own happines excavator.

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