Posted by: C J | January 14, 2012

What if we focus on today instead of tomorrow?

New Year – New You! Ignite your passions follow your dreams.  Yada Yada Yada!

What if it is time to change the status and the quo?  Can we simply just let go? Nope. We have to change our mind and our habits.  What we need to do to make change is very simple. Implementing that action continuously and long enough to become a new habit is easier said than done. You can do it.

Change involves the process of willingly following five (5) steps:

 1. Acknowledge your current situation.

2. Decide what you want to change.

3. Specify what you need to do to allow the change.

4. Do what it takes for the change.

5. Recognize and claim your change.

The space between the past and the future, is this place we call now. The subconscious lives on a parallel plane with no concept of time: past, present, or future it just does its best to support the status quo.

Right now activate the five steps above so you can allow this change to become wonderful positive habits. Whatever habits you choose to pursue, now!

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