Posted by: C J | July 14, 2011

Is Your Daily Routine holding your future hostage?

routineHow does a person become the best at what he or she does? Practice, Practice, Practice. NFL teams never make it to the Superbowl without each player participating in practice. NBA teams never make it to the finals without each player taking a part of practice. Dancers never win on the TV show Dancing with the Stars without practice being a part of their daily routine.

Habit, practice, routine, call it whatever you want, but  in order to live your best life ever, we must routinely have healthy, productive, effective habits that we practice daily.

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” Mike Murdock

Do  you have more than four things to do while going about your daily paradox? If you  answered yes then you must include a routine in order to get everything done consistently.  80/20 rules.

I have over a dozen things I choose to do in a day. For example, prayer, meditation, affirmation, energy alignment, also reading and writing to name a few. The only way I can consistently get them done is to have a daily routine. I admit I usually only get to 80% of them every day but 80% of the week I’m on it. This allows me to feel energized, centered, serene, and available to others who may need me. The twelve or more things I choose to do helps me stay healthy SEMP. I called them my SEMP’LE (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical’ living essentials) way of being.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Do you find yourself feeling scattered, unnerved, overwhelmed, and out of control more than once in a day or three or four times during a week? When you peek out from under your covers and your toes have not touched the floor yet, does the world seem daunting? Does your mind and body ask, must we do this again?

How routine is your daily life? How routine is your morning? How routine i your evening? For many people the word routine has a negative conotation but today we are discussing how we can improve our daily round/routine as a way to expand our spiritual self and claim more emotional freedom.

For us the word routine actually means a repeated course of action done in a specific time frame. In almost any instructions on how to make a change will advise, suggest, or direct the new change has to become a part of a set routine.

Do you remember when you were trying to learn your ABC’s, i before e except after c, or multiplication table? Repetion works. If we want to change or incoprorate something new into our life so that we can live our best ever life… if we want to go for excellence then we have to form habits that work for our highest good.

 Don’t even think about trying to be perfect; it prevents you from working your action plan it immoblizes your energy and spirit. Let go of perfectism and watch your energy soar!

Allen Iverson, a great NBA player didn’t believe that practice could make himself or his team mates better. But we know it takes repetion, practice, habit; whatever you want to call it to succeed. Let us agree to practice, practice, practice, because  that’s how we roll!

Seven steps to developing a routine:

 1.      Self-awareness – can only change what is in your realm of awareness

2.       Recognition of where you are right now – what do I want to change

3.       Set your intention/ goal- write it down and make it happen

4.       Visualize your intent using all five senses –  experience your intent on all    levels

5.       Develop a daily action plan- work it work it

6.       Work your daily action plan (daily)- follow through with what you say you will do

7.       Claim your intention through all five senses- own it with all of you

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