Posted by: C J | June 1, 2011

Stop, letting your past define you!

Journal and meditate on the following subjects that have come to define you – SEMP (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, & physically)!

Use your feelings to help you process your awakening to who you really are now.

  1. How do you fill your days? Feel your job for a moment and state, “I am more than my job.”
  2. How do you fill your nights? Feel your home for a moment and state, “I am more than where I live.”
  3. Who do you love? Feel them for a moment and state, “I am more than my relationships.”
  4. What wounds have you suffered? Feel your pain and state, “I am more than my history.”
  5. How do you answer when called? Feel your name and state, “I am more than my name.”
  6. When do you love your body? Feel your physicality and state, “I am so much more than my body.”
  7. How do you breathe? Inhale and exhale feel your breath and state, “Without pain, without history, without name, I am the spirit of this life living in this body and I deeply and completely love and accept myself. I am more than earthly stuff.

My spirit is too magical, too light, too loving to be  tied down, weighed down, or defined by my past!

There is always a cup of comfort to go with your cup of coffee!

Tell me what you think — let me know if this helps you — leave your reply…


  1. Very good work for us to do… thanks

  2. You are welcome… let me know how much it helps you.

  3. As I reviewed this with a mind to do some soul work, It helped me the find a place to start, to step back and look at where I am and where I hope to be and to put legs to what I write down.
    I want to grow on into a person who is helping others as well.
    It is the call on my life and I want to do it to please God and to help others heal.
    Sometimes you must bleed as you lead…

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