Posted by: C J | February 27, 2011

How to find balance and emotional freedom, finally!

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You want more balance in your life? You want your yin and yang to play nice? You want emotional freedom? Yes, of course you do.

What the heck is emotional freedom (EF)? The ability to balance and control your emotional health by choosing to interact with life instead of react to it.  Your inner serenity, security, and personal power directs your day.

 Is this a hard to find space? To be honest, it takes patience, insight, and passion to go on this inner-healing journey.

What’s really in it for me? If you are willing to explore the obstacles and challenges of negativity that hit you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically (SEMP) will transform and expand all of you.                                                                             

Check out the seven steps below to help you stop suppressing and repressing your emotions, so you can live and laugh out loud more often.

Some days balance equals:  50/50, other days it is 70/30, but most days it is 80/20.

When your yin is taking over and controlling your yang you feel scattered and out of sync.

Emotional freedom begins with the following seven steps:

 1. Awareness

2.  Intention

3. Now                                                                                                              

4. Routine

5. Self-investment

6. Self-definition

 7. Choices

I would love to hear from you, leave your reply.

 Learn more! These tips are to get you started on your way to emotional freedom(EF).

Next week, I will go into detail about the seven steps.

 Come back often for a cup of comfort to go with your cup of coffee!

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