Posted by: C J | August 9, 2010

Too many people see the glass as half empty or half full, when the real truth is…

Whether you view the proverbial glass as half empty or half full… what a lot of people fail to realize is that there is room for more…

More what?  Joy, serenity, life, happiness whatever you need or desire in life… if you will look at that glass as your container that is waiting for you to fill with your need/desire; life gets simpler.

You also get to decide how large the glass/container is. How large is your joy container? Is there room for more and can you stand to have more joy in your life?

Maybe we should define joy. For me joy means having the ability to see the gift in daily life even during the struggles. Finding pleasures of nature as in a sunrise, sunset, or moon-rise. Having the wisdom to know that contentment is not a bad word and being joyful that you can be content with life and still strive for growth toward life’s hall of fame.

What is your definition for joy? Are you content with where you are in life? Do you have an action life for finding and maintaining a joy-filled life?

I am enjoying life empowered by grace! Are you?


  1. Joy is hot buttered cornbread with strawberry jam, scrambled eggs, thick bacon cooked in the oven, cup of coffee!!! Even in the midst of knee pain.

  2. Sue, it sounds like the simple things in life still can be the best. And sharing that joyful meal with a favorite cousin helps too, right???

  3. That’s what made it so special, the cousin I shared it with. We shared the same memories of Grandma Curry. We were both just grinning and eating.. It was great!

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