Posted by: C J | July 31, 2010

Most people think it is better to give than receive, but the real truth..

It is true that most people think it is better to give than to receive, but the real truth is they both are just different sides to the same coin.

What makes giving so easy when receiving is so difficult for the same person??? I was taught as a child “It is better to give than to receive.” I now realize that receive,  implied “need” for the person receiving and generosity for the person giving. Do you remember the saying, “Give with a cheerful heart?” What is wrong with receiving with a cheerful heart???

When a coin is being tossed no one knows which way it will land, heads or tails… but whoever chose heads accepts it and whoever chose tails accepts it and they both go  about the game… I say we can do just the same, in the game of life … one day I might have to give and the next day receive or vice versa… I just want to stay open and let the Universe flow through me…


You in??? 

Tell me your take on the give and receive coin.


  1. I think give is the easy side of the coin. It is much easier to give than receive, receiving does imply that you are inadequate and in need of something. But I think you do have to remember that it is a give and take relationship, you have to give so that others can receive and you have to take so that others can give.

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